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Sara Noorkamp


At the age of seven, Sara started playing the cello. After taking cello lessons with Mieke de Bucher, Jos Kamp and Henriette, Janssen, she studied with Mirel Iancovici at Conservatorium Maastricht where she attained a Bachelor in Music for Teaching and Performing.

Sara continued her studies at the Conservatory of Tilburg where she devoted herself to chamber music and attained a Masters Degree in 2008. She has attended chamber music lessons for piano trio and string quarter (among others). She has received coaching in chamber music  for piano trio and string quartet from Jan Gruithuizen, Jenny Spanoghe, and Stefan Metz, among others. She has been a participant in master classes from Michel Strauss and Daniel Müller-Schott. Sara has a vast experience playing in several symphonic orchestras and giving concerts in chamber music ensembles such as string quartet and piano trio. She has performed with Veronique de Wit-Franssen as a cello duet for several years.

She gives cello lessons with joy and enthusiasm to young and old at the music of Baesweiler in Germany and at the UWCM Music School, in addition to her own private studio.

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