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Noune Zeltsburg

Piano - Theory of Music

Noune Zeltsburg studied piano and musical-theoretical disciplines in Musical-Pedagogical College and Yerevan State Conservatoire (Armenia) and graduated with excellence as a pianist and musicologist. She also studied musicology and musical anthropology in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel).

She is a skilled professional with broad experience in music instruction – instrumental (piano) and music theory and history. Her teaching experience includes working with multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-level pupils of wide age range, from five to sixty-five. Her former students have been successful, worldwide music students and performers.

Noune has extensive knowledge and competence in musical-theoretical disciplines and performance techniques and methodologies; and practical experience in organization and artistic coordination of various music events, such as concerts and illustrated lectures, including UWCM International Fair Concert.

Her philosophy of piano instruction combine methodologies of both Western and Russian music school including individually tailored programs of piano teaching for children and adults with various cultural backgrounds based on a strong theoretical ground and on extensive listening material, development of general musicality, music appreciation and taste.

Her performance experience includes solo and ensemble recitals with works of Western, Russian and Armenian national composers.

Theory of Music Course Description

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