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Laurine Coenen

Piano - Community Club Fun with Music

Laurine is a passionate music teacher. She grew up in a musical family, with her mother as a pianist and her father as a singer and guitarist.

When she was eight years old she went to music school in Voeren, Belgium. There she loved to sing and started with piano lessons. For many years she studied with Gera de Best. She participated successfully in musical competitions including: Leyser and Hermans Concours and Prinses Christina Concours.

She studied Music Education and Classical Piano at Conservatorium Maastricht. She has studied piano with Ton Vennix, Tonie Ehlen and Joop Celis. Her thesis focused on early childhood music education.

Besides teaching piano, she is a music teacher at primary schools and conducts a church choir in St. Pieter Maastricht. Previous teaching experience includes various secondary schools in the Maastricht and Heerlen areas.

She regularly accompanies singers and instrumentalists.

In the Community CLub Fun with Music children will get an introduction to music in many ways. They sing, play instruments, dance, be creative, listen to music, learn to respond to each other and so much more. Every lesson will be a musical journey on it’s own! Science has shown that music is important for children’s development. It will improve motor skills, your cognitive and social-emotional skills.

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