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Hello, My name is Joeri Kalkhoven. 

Music has always played a major role in my life. I was raised in a musical family. At the age of six I got my first percussion classes. When joining a local windband, my love for music grew even more. There I discovered what it is like to play in orchestras. At fifteen years old, I decided to specialise myself in playing drums, my great passion. From that moment onwards, I have developed myself in that specific field. I studied jazz drums at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. 

Because of my education and my experience with playing in various orchestras and ensembles, I have developed a broad interest in various musical genres. For instance, during the past few years, I have played in (symphony) orchestra’s, pop/rock bands, jazz ensembles, funk bands and big bands. As a teacher I have gained teaching experience at different music schools. And since 2018 I am the proud owner of Drumschool Sittard.

With my experience and knowledge I hope I can enthuse you for percussion and together we will have fun to achieve your dreams and goals!


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