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Rules and regulations
I fully understand the conditions of learning an instrument. I understand that termination of lessons can only take place at the end of year. If it is impossible for my child to attend an instrumental lesson, I understand that at least 24 hours advanced notice must be given tot he instrumental teacher directly.I am aware that the visiting instrumental teachers depend on this income for their livelihood and should not be penalized financially because of unforeseen events, which affect student attendance. In he exceptional case of unavoidable absence I understand that, the parent must formally apply for a make up lesson with the instrumental teacher. Termination of lessons can only take place in agreement with the instrumental teacher and with a prior notice of 2 months.
I will pay the Music School fee directly to the instrumental teacher per lesson or per month, depending on the teacher's preference. The lesson fee per instrumental lesson is 18,00€ per 30 minutes. Group lessons 7,50€ p.p. for 45 minutes. Your registration at the UWC Music School is confirmed as soon as the registration fee is payed of 25€. You will receive an invoice regarding the Registration Fee.


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