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Music School

UWCM Music school provides professional, practical, and theoretical music instruction in English and other available languages contributing to the development of specific musical abilities including: music appreciation, music literacy, technique and performance skills, as well as coordination, concentration, responsibility, confidence, and creativity. The UWCM Music School encourages our students to explore new horizons through the language of music, celebrate diversity, and sharing their artistry with the international community at various open performances, events, and workshops.

Lessons are open to Primary and Secondary students, UWCM staff members, and parents. Lessons take place on campus, after school, Monday through Friday.


For many of the courses there are only a limited amount of places available. Students will be placed according to the order of registration. If a course is full your son/daughter can be placed on a waiting list. The costs for an individual lesson are € 20,00 per lesson (30 minutes) for students from UWC Maastricht. The lesson fee for parents, teachers and students older than 21 are € 24,20 per lesson (30 minutes) plus  21% VAT. The price for group lessons is € 8,00 per student per lesson (45 minutes). Payment should be done before taking the lessons.

If your son/daughter would like to follow music lessons at the UWCM Music School please register by filling out the registration form. It is the expectation that music lessons continue throughout the duration of the academic school year. Once your registration is received and approved by the coordinator, the instrumental teacher will contact you to schedule the lesson day and time. Students and parents are expected to follow the studio policies provided by the music teacher at the beginning of the academic year or when each music student begins lessons.

In order to start the course a €25,00 euro registration fee is required for all new and returning families (after having completed the registration process an invoice will be sent). It supports the Music School in covering costs such as lesson materials, photo copies, security during recitals, etc. This fee is non refundable.
Termination of lessons can only take place in agreement with the instrumental teacher and with a prior notice of 2 months. If it is impossible for a student to attend a private instrumental lesson, at least 24 hours advance notice must be given to the instrumental teacher directly. In the exceptional case of an unavoidable absence, the parent must formally apply for a make up lesson with the teacher.

At the United World College Maastricht Music School the following courses are offered:

Individual Instrumental Lessons

    Schedule 2019-2020

Guitar (Acoustic/Bass/Electric) Mr. Svein Odland Wednesday -Thursday - Friday
Bassoon Ms. Gaia Moretti  Tuesday
Cello Ms. Sara Noorkamp Thursday - Friday
Clarinet Mr. Vinesh Dijkstra Tuesday
Drums Mr. Sven Bloemen Friday
Mr. Joeri Kalkhoven Tuesday
Harp Mr. Bob Heuvelmans Monday
Jazz Vocal Ms. Ellen Bliek Thursday
Music Production Mr. August Green Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday -Thursday - Friday
Piano Jazz Mr. Coen van Dam Monday
Piano Ms. Laurine Coenen Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Ms. Noune Zeltsburg Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday -Thursday - Friday
Flute Ms. Vicky Sapouna Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday -Thursday - Friday
Saxophone Ms. Jules Graus
Violin/Viola  Ms. Paloma Ortas Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday -Thursday - Friday
Vocals Classical/Pop/Musical Ms. Anna Feldhausen Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday

Junior Orchestra: Monday 15.30-16.30h.
Senior Orchestra: Thursday 15.30-16.30h.

Music school
Group Lessons Teacher
Guitar Ensemble (*) Mr. Svein Odland
Cello Ensemble (*) Ms. Sara Noorkamp
String Ensemble (*) Ms. Paloma Ortas
Theory of Music Mrs. Noune Zeltsburg
Music Production Mr. August Green
Close Harmony  Ms. Ellen Bliek

(*) Only possible if student is also signed up for Individual Instrumental Lessons

New: Junior & Senior orchestra

Junior Orchestra ( 6 - 11 years old ) as part of the co-curricular programme***

Senior Orchestra ( 12 + ) - Part of co-curricular/CAS programme ***

*** Students need to be in possession of their own instrument as the Music school does not provide/rent instruments.  A minimum of 1 year of experience on the instrument is required to join orchestra.

If you would like to take lessons for a different instrument as listed above we can help you to find a teacher within the Maastricht area.

For more information please feel free to contact our music teachers:

Elena Pardo
music teacher Primary School

Ludo Roijen
music teacher Secondary School 

Tine Vandewege 
music teacher Secondary School

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