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Absence Outside School Holidays

UWC Maastricht is governed by Dutch rules and regulations regarding Leave for Pressing Reasons. Only for a limited number of reasons can we allow Special Leave. We are bound by Dutch Law to inform the Leerplicht Afdeling (School Attendance officer) of the local Gemeente (Local Town Council) of any unauthorized absence(s) from school.


I am the *

Student 1

Student 2

Student 3

Hereby requests the Head of College to grant leave to the above student/s for the pressing reasons described below.

Dates of requested leave:

Please note that the Dutch education authority requires students to attend school during the published school dates and can fine the school if students do not attend. We are given clear advice on what can and cannot be accepted for granting of a special leave request and are obliged to report to the Truancy Officer students who are absent for a certain number of days without the school's permission.

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