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Guidelines Leave

Below is an excerpt of the regulations as set by the Dutch Government, as can be found in Article 11, Article 13 and Article 14 of the Public Education Law. UWC Maastricht is not only obliged to keep to these regulations by Law, but, moreover, finds it important to keep to these guidelines because of the nature of our education and the mission and vision that it is based on. All members of the UWCM community (parents, teachers, students and staff alike) are expected to contribute to the programmes through a core commitment to our mission, vision and values, in which we place the supportive and trusting relationship formed with, and between students, at the heart of our enterprise. Therefore, we want to restrict leaves and absences outside school holidays to an absolute minimum.

Guidelines Leaves

1. Holiday Leave

A leave request for holiday leave outside official school holidays, should be submitted to the College timely (2 weeks before the expected leave). Holiday can only be granted if:

  • The specific job function of one of the parents does only allow for a leave outside the school holidays.
  • A letter of the employer that states that holidays during the official school holidays are not possible, is submitted to the College (agreements with colleagues or holiday time schedules that have been made up by employers for work organizational purposes are not eligible reasons).

Holiday leave can be granted, under the above mentioned circumstances:

  • Not more than once per year.
  • No longer than 10 school days.
  • Not within the first two weeks of the school year.

2. Very Pressing/Urgent Reasons (max. 10 shooldays per year)

A leave request for extra leave due to pressing reasons for a maximum of 10 school days per school year has to be submitted to the College before, or within two days after, the occurrence of the absence. The request can only be approved if one of the following circumstances apply:

  • Meeting a legal obligation; for as far as this cannot be done outside school hours
  • Relocation (1 day)
  • Marriage of relatives up to 3rd degree (1 or 2 days)
  • Terribly ill relative up to 3rd degree (only after consultation of the Head of College)
  • Death of a relative 1st degree (max. of 4 days)
  • Death of a relative 2nd degree (max. of 2 days)
  • Death of a relative 3rd degree (1 day)
  • 25-, 40- and 50- year anniversary of professional jubilee of parent or grandparent (1 day)
  • 12,5-, 25-, 40-, 50- or 60- year wedding anniversary of parents or grandparents (1 day)
  • For other, by judgment of the HoC, very pressing or urgent reason, other than holiday or family visit (also return parent from military mission)

3. Very Pressing Cirumstances more than 10 Schooldays per Year
A request for extra leave in case of a very pressing and urgent circumstance for more than 10 school days per school year has to be submitted timely (8 weeks before), via the Head of College, to the truancy officer of the Municipality of Maastricht. A statement of a doctor or a counselor that indicates that the leave is necessary for the child(ren) on the basis of medical or social indication of one of the family members, can be helpful in this.

The Head of College is legally obliged to inform the truancy officers of the Municipality of Maastricht in case of a (suspected) illicit absence. The Municipality can press charges against the parent(s)/caretaker(s) who is/are keeping his/her/their child(ren) from the school without approval of the school.

On the basis of the Dutch Administrative Law Act, you may appeal to the Head of School against a negative decision, within six weeks after the date of the decision. In this appeal your name, address, the description of the disposition and the reason for appeal should be clearly mentioned. Besides the appeal, you can request an interim utility of the chair of the sector Administrative Law of the District Court. Court registry fees are applicable then.

For more information, you can contact the Truancy officers (Leerplicht ambtenaar) at the Municipality (Gemeente) Maastricht: 043 3503194.

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