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Absences outside the School Holidays

If your child will be absent from school outside the School Holidays you need to fill out the Absence Outside School Holidays Form

Please submit the form two weeks in advance of the proposed leave explaining clearly and with as much detail as possible the reasons for the request and provide any supporting evidence. This enables us to take a decision on approval more quickly. Please note that the request will have to be approved before the student can be excused.

Please note that the Dutch education authority requires students to attend school during the published school dates and can fine the school if students do not attend. We are given clear advice on what can and cannot be accepted for granting of a special leave request and are obliged to report to the Truancy Officer students who are absent for a certain number of days without the school's permission. 

For further information, please check Guidelines Leave or contact the Primary Office or your child's Head of Year (Secondary)

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