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Residential Life

In the Diploma Programme (last two years) our international day student community is joined by 90 residential students each year who are selected via UWC’s national committee system. The national committee system operates in 150 different countries ( around the world promoting UWC and selects students on their promise and potential to attend one of UWC’s 18 schools and colleges.

Residential Life 

Residential students live on campus during term time. They live on a floor comprised of 6 rooms of four students. Bathrooms are shared between pairs of rooms. Rooms are mixed between first and second year students of the same gender but different nationalities. Every floor has a common room, a study room, a laundry room and a kitchen area for cooking and storing snacks. Meals are provided for students in the Mensa.

Residential life operates on the premise that students are willing and able to take appropriate responsibility for their communal living. Each floor is guided and supported by a residence mentor who lives in an autonomous flat on the floor.

A programme of activities supports students in community building and living in a multicultural environment. A code of conduct operates across all of the UWC schools and colleges and students commit to the UWC values, placing community needs above individual needs and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

The costs of residential student fees are fundraised by UWC Netherlands (the National Committee in the Netherlands), other national committees and residential student parents based on the circumstances and need of each student.


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