One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world
Malala Yousafzai

Community Engagement

We are proud of our different co-curricular programmes and initiatives which give students the opportunity to learn through experience. 

Our programmes are designed to:

  • Promote intercultural understanding and the development of genuine concern for others, founded on shared experiences, and a cooperative and collaborative community. 
  • Ensure that students have the opportunity to take authentic and appropriate responsibility as part of their learning journey.
  • Develop in our students a strong commitment to meaningful service and to work in partnership with the local Maastricht community to achieve this. 
  • Equip students with a skill set that enables them to continue to work in pursuit of the UWC mission when they leave our school. 

We are proud to have been selected as an Ashoka Changemaker School. We were recognised by Ashoka for our commitment to building changemaker skills such as empathy, creativity, teamwork and leadership in our students and for giving students the confidence to change the world for the good of all.  

UWC Maastricht is an Eco School! A team of students and staff is periodically reviewing the environmental impact of our school and as a part of the Eco Schools framework prepares strategies to help our school to be more environmentally friendly as well as inspire other schools and communities to take action towards making the world a more sustainable place. 

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