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Community Clubs

The aim of the UWC Maastricht Community Clubs is to provide students' with the opportunity to further develop and enrich their skills in the areas of sports, worldly insight, logic, creative arts and language arts.

Community Clubs

The intention of the Community Clubs is to offer students a chance to develop their talents, pursue their interests and nurture their creativity. We have a range of clubs, from arts to sports to music. Students can socialize with others, not just from their class or year group, and have a go at different activities in safe and familiar surroundings.

Mother Tongue clubs

Knowledge is transferred through language and therefore it is only natural that as a school we strongly promote the use of student’s Mother tongue to aid learning. UWCM has many Mother tongue clubs so students can continue learning and expanding their mother tongue language, promoting increased confidence, self-esteem and their unique identity within our multicultural community.

The clubs are staffed by either teaching staff or qualified professionals enthusiastic to share their talents, or in the case of Mother tongue groups some parents.

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