You must always remember to make a difference for the places that launched you on this life journey
Shelby Davis

Why support us

UWC Maastricht is convinced that your gift to the college will have an Impact, it will change a life and the lives of others.

Every Gift becomes a Story

In the first years of its existence, UWC Maastricht was generously supported by individuals, foundations and corporations through donations and guarantees. As the school becomes well established, more permanent funding for the college needs to be secured. To provide this we inducted the Impact Fund, to emphasize that every gift (big or small) does make an impact!

UWC Maastricht is a training ground for change-makers. Students come to us with a vision and graduate empowered to make lasting, positive change. Those who have experienced it will tell you it transformed them. Those who support it will tell you about the satisfaction of knowing they helped develop the kind of thoughtful, compassionate leaders the world truly needs.

We pride ourselves on our pioneering and distinctive educational model; the way students learn, interact with one another and take part in community activities present life-changing tests and personal discovery, which mark the beginning of a lifelong journey.

Donations help UWC Maastricht to work with others to shape a better future.
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