You must always remember to make a difference for the places that launched you on this life journey
Shelby Davis

Where you can make the difference

UWC Maastricht Scholarship Programme for Residential Students

UWC operates a means-tested scholarship system for residential students selected through the national committees. To enable us to safeguard the social diversity at UWC Maastricht, scholarship funding is crucial. It allows us to select the most promising, talented and motivated young students on their own promise and potential, regardless of their parents ‘ability to pay.

The cost of a scholarship is an investment in a lifetime that will generate returns for the student, the community and society as a whole, rippling through the generations for many years to come.

The Refugee Initiative

Today around 60 million people are forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of conflict, violence or persecution; the highest figure since records began. Half are aged under 21. Many refugee children and teenagers miss out on an education when they become internally displaced or are forced to flee their countries of origin. Each year UWC will offer up to 100 of these young people a unique educational opportunity at one of its 18 schools and colleges around the world. In partnership with Blue Rose - Blue Compass, UWC is looking to admit 100 refugee scholars every year.

Teaching and Learning Facilities

Teaching and learning in today’s ever changing world requires more adaptation and innovation than ever. Investing in our continued development and enhancement of our educational programme will allow us to provide an unparalleled learner-centric experience, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Social Entrepreneurship Programmes and Events

At UWC Maastricht we are committed to fostering social entrepreneurship among our students and staff. In previous years we have offered short courses with the aim of training small groups of interested students in the tools and attitudes needed to start projects and make them sustainable. Moving towards equipping all our students and future alumni with the right skillset has been one of the reasons to launch a Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE) Programme for all first-year students of the IB Diploma Programme.

UWC Maastricht is proud of the number of annual student-led conferences completely organised by students.

Area of Greatest Need

To support areas at UWC Maastricht where it’s needed most.

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