You must always remember to make a difference for the places that launched you on this life journey
Shelby Davis

Our Partners and Ambassadors

Many companies, foundations and private individuals have underscored the importance of our mission and ambition by financially supporting our Impact fund.

Our Partners and Ambassadors

Our partners and ambassadors make an important and indispensable contribution to our mission and ambition. UWC Maastricht offers Ambassadors interesting opportunities for networking and promoting their organisations. Ambassadors are involved in official student-led events and can display their logo on our website and sponsor wall.

Would you like to become a Partner or Ambassador of UWC Maastricht please contact Sandra van den Tillaard (

'Having over one hundred nationalities in the school is a wonderful thing. But the real divide of our times is not necessarily between people with different passports. The real divide is between those who have a passport and those who don’t. Between those who choose to leave their country for a holiday and those who are forced to leave their country to survive. Between those who have every opportunity and those who don’t see any. Our hope is that UWC Maastricht can bridge that gap, by bringing together students with promise and potential from a wide range of backgrounds and from the refugee communities in this country and abroad. This is a wonderful but not a cheap ambition, and we hope to reach out to many organizations, companies, foundations and individuals who want to play a role in the fulfilment of this ambition.' (Lodewijk van Oord, Head of College)

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