You must always remember to make a difference for the places that launched you on this life journey
Shelby Davis

Donate when booking

During his time as CEO at, UWC Adriatic alumnus Darren Huston (AD 83-85) generously introduced a way for students, alumni, parents, staff, supporters and friends of each college to donate simply by using

The grant is open-ended and variable and depends on the bookings students, alumni, parents, staff, supporters and friends make through the more bookings, the higher the grant!

When the grant amount reaches the value of a scholarship it is allocated to a student as a UWC Maastricht Scholarship.

So, when using the services provided by, whether for holidays or work-related travel, please remember to use the following link:

and make sure your relatives do too. There is no additional cost either for you or for us and you will be helping to support future generations of young “travellers of the mind”!

Thank you and safe travels!

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