You must always remember to make a difference for the places that launched you on this life journey
Shelby Davis

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UWC Maastricht is unique within the movement as the only school operating within a national public school funding context, educating students from pre-school through the International Baccalaureate programme. At the IB diploma level, we recruit residential students of demonstrated promise and potential through the UWC National Committee network to join our day student community for the final two years of high school.

We aspire to become a model of UWCs and international schools in delivering a robust academic and co-curricular programme where learning outside the classroom is as valued and celebrated as that which takes place within the classroom. All teachers will contribute to the co-curricular and pastoral care programmes including a core commitment to Service Learning and we will place the supportive and trusting relationship between the teachers and students at the heart of our enterprise. As a community, we believe in the growth mindset - that intelligence, personality and character can be developed and a person’s true potential is unknown (and unknowable) and that teachers and students have much to learn from, and with, each other. We also believe in giving students appropriate and authentic responsibilities as part of their learning journey. In developing this constructivist model, we plan to be at the vanguard of (re)defining education for the 21st century and to share this model within the wider educational community. We aspire to be a Laboratory school in the spirit of John Dewey’s University of Chicago Laboratory School - a Rethink Lab for the education of the future.

Both the Cooperation UWC Maastricht and the Foundation UWC Maastricht have the ANBI status. The letters ANBI stand for the Dutch phrase: “Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling” (a Foundation which operates solely for the common interest). Because of the ANBI status, gifts that are donated to UWC Maastricht are deductible for tax purposes.

Both the Cooperation UWC Maastricht and the Foundation UWC Maastricht have the ANBI status.
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