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Please note that there will only be 1 round this year and it will run until end of school (26-6-2020)

To simplify the administration around the clubs we have decided to charge a fixed price per club for a full year of school. The price for a full year of Community Clubs is €315.-
In this fixed price we have accounted for for a standard number of cancelled clubs.
It goes without saying that we do our utmost to keep the cancelled clubs as limited as possible.

This means that if future lessons are to be cancelled, no refund will be given.

Community Clubs:

  • The intention of the Community Clubs is to offer students a chance to develop their talents, pursue their interests and nurture their creativity. We have a range of clubs, from arts to sports to music. Students can socialize with others, not just from their class or year group, and have a go at different activities in safe and familiar surroundings.
  • The clubs we offer depend on the willingness and availability of guest teachers to come to our school at 15.00h.

Home Language clubs:

  • Knowledge is transferred through language and therefore it is only natural that as a school we strongly promote the use of home language to aid learning.
  • Language teaching and learning practices at UWCM will reflect current and good practice in the field of applied linguistics.
  • The UWCM Language philosophy is based on an inquiry based, experiential, co-constructive approach towards language learning.

Music school:

  • The main goal of our Music School is to offer individual and/or group lessons to a wide range of students, helping and guiding them to develop their talents in music and create possibilities to share these talents with the whole international community. The teachers of the United World College Music School are all highly qualified and dedicated professionals. Separate Registration.

Location Music School:

  • All lessons take place at the United World College Maastricht, Monday ‘till Friday from 15:30 - 18:30. The clubs are staffed by qualified professionals enthusiastic to share their talents.
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