Yoga 4 teens MYP 1-3

Yoga is playful and dynamic. The classic yoga postures (asanas) are developed through stories about animals and nature.

Teacher: Louke Bos
Year: Yoga 4 teens MYP 1-3
Price: € 150
Location: Small gym
Minimum number of participants: 5

Required: comfortable clothes.

I’m very happy to have the opportunity to let you experience yoga classes. The focus will be on breathing exercises, yoga asana (yoga postures) and relaxation. Yoga will teach you how important it is to allow yourself to take a break, step back and surrender to the present moment.

Everybody is welcome. The good thing about yoga is that anybody can practice it. It doesn’t matter how strong or flexible you are, you can practice yoga on the level you want, by adjusting the postures to your own abilities. So come along, have fun, feel better and practice yoga.

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