Community Clubs

Update 11-05-2020

All Community clubs are closed until summer break (26-6-2020)

All parents have been informed and if there are any updates we will inform you on the parent portals.

Today’s children, designers of the future.
How can we create an environment in which students show their potential?

With that in mind we try to nurture student’s growth by offering Community Clubs, a stage to develop their talents. With the Community Clubs we create an environment in which children can show their talents, because we believe that cultural education belongs to the heart of education.
It’s there where the cultural development is based.
The children engage and can be inquisitive in a safe and familiar surroundings by participating in a wide range of activities like ballet, chess, sports, art, cooking and drama to name a few from the many we have on the programme.

To simplify the administration around the clubs we have decided to charge a fixed price per club per year.
In this fixed price we have accounted for a standard number of cancelled clubs.
It goes without saying that we do our utmost to keep the cancelled clubs as limited as possible.

This means that if future lessons are to be cancelled, no refund will be given.
The Community Club Program complements and enhances
the school curriculum.