If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy.
Then he becomes your partner
Nelson Mandela

UWC Maastricht Alumni

Prayer Faith Caligan

My name is Prayer Faith Caligan and I’m from the Philippines. I grew up in a small barangay in Iloilo. Although my family is not blessed with material wealth, my parents compensated by nurturing me with love, values, and discipline. My parents supported me in my interests and activities in school, church, and the community. I believe that my background, combined with my passion, presents a story that is found in many young girls in my country. I want to share the story of a determined young Filipino girl who had limited opportunities growing up, yet did not allow all these hindrances limit her dreams.  

UWC Maastricht gave me a chance to step out in my shell and embrace heartily a new environment. This one of a kind opportunity led me to dream more and open more doors to different opportunities. I want to achieve the main mission of this movement, embody the UWC values, gain more knowledge and understanding and make a lot of friends from different parts of the world.

I am blessed that I have 3 gorgeous, generous and extremely loving roommates. Hannah Bruinsma from the Netherlands, Yvonne Menja from USA and Kenya, and my co-year Anna Tangiyan from Armenia are the best room mates ever. I never had experienced a sister’s love before I arrived here because I only have 2 brothers and no sister. Sharing a room with these lovely people taught me how to be responsible enough for my things and my valuables and sharing our culture and past experiences enlightened our minds as well as accepting our quirks brought us much closer to each other.

What makes the experiences in UWC Maastricht more memorable and meaningful is the Creativity, Action, and Service or CAS. For my CAS I would like to be involve in different activities that I passionate about such as dancing, taking care of children and the environment. In the strand Creativity, I would like to be a part of YES Conference or African Dance Club and for the Action strand, I would like to join the Bollywood Dance Club and lastly for my Service, I’m going to test my skills in caring children through joining the English Child Care Maastricht or Salvation Army for my outdoor service and Operation Smile Club for indoor service.

After UWC, I would like to pursue a bachelor’s degree somewhere in Europe. Specifically, I would like to take up BS Biology and hopefully get into a Medicine School after I graduate in college. About work, I want to be a pediatrician someday besides from the thing that I love kids because they’re so cute and adorable, I want to help them and be a shoulder that they can lean on. But also, there is something lingering at the back of my mind - I want to be an eloquent speaker, I dreamed to be a speaker in a graduation day of a university someday. I want to inspire and motivate those aspiring youths. I want to share with them my experience and the circumstances that made me strong and made me the person I ever want to be. I believe that words accompanied by actions can create a change – change for all well-being of mankind.

Studying here in UWC Maastricht is a great privilege for me. I will always be grateful and thankful that I had a very loving sponsor who shouldered my tuition fees and other expenses. Without her help, I never had the chance to experience this phenomenal life-changing opportunity that embarked a new chapter in my life. Thank you very much for everything, I might not fully express my gratitude to you in words but in my heart I will treasure everything and I will do the best of I can to achieve my goals and make you proud.

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