If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy.
Then he becomes your partner
Nelson Mandela

UWC Maastricht Alumni

Mariangela Fray Current UWCM Student

How does the UWC education contribute to you becoming a future leader (how does it challenge, inspire, confront you)?

The UWC education has helped me look at the world with different eyes. After being at UWCM for 7 months, I have been able to see how the world is progressing but also how it's failing. We have had multiple conferences such as the youth environmental sustainability conference (YES), the ToK conference, TEDX Maastricht and the International Peace Conference (IPC). These conferences are one if the things that make UWC Maastricht different from the other UWC's. I have learned so much from the conferences and I even got the chance to lead a workshop in the International Peace Conference (IPC). This years theme was "Challenging Power". I lead a workshop together with my Venezuelan co-year, the workshop was about the current issue in Venezuela, something that is very important to me as a Venezuelan and as a Caribbean girl. This is an issue that many people do not know about, but thanks to the IPC conference I got the opportunity to raise awareness about the multiple issues in Venezuela. 

These conferences are not only events where we learn but also events where we get inspired. These conferences and my UWC education have inspired me to be the best version of myself and to try and help others in whatever way I can.

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