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School Fees 2018-2019

School fees are finalised each February for the subsequent academic year, following the advice and input from Division Council.

The school relies on parental fees to offer the robust educational programme that is demanded by the UWC Educational Model.

Parents should expect fees to increase by a cost of living adjustment of 2-2,5% on an annual basis. In the extraordinary event of an unanticipated increase in public-sector salaries or a decrease in the governments ‘ educational subsidy, the fees may increase by more than this amount. Fees are always confirmed at least 6 months prior to the start of the next academic year.

The fees for 2018-2019 are below.

School Fees                   

Fees per student                 


Primary School
€ 5.405*
(MYP 1 - MYP 5)
€ 8.565*
(DP1 - DP2)
€ 8.865*
Down Payment **
(per family)
€ 500
Upon acceptance, payment will be deducted on your school fee invoice

Exam Fees

IB (Fee for total IB DP2-exam) € 1.155
(to be confirmed by IBO)

Exam fees DP2 incl. postage costs (DHL) and other internal handling costs

MYP 5 (for all MYP5 students)

€ 600
(to be confirmed by IBO)

Moderation  fee incl. postage costs (DHL) and other internal handling costs

Additional Fees

Initial Application Fee***
€ 630                                            
Returnable Security Deposit Secondary School
(MYP and DP)
€ 600                                                                                                                                                 
One-time security deposit against potential damage to school properties. Upon de-registration, the deposit will be refunded provided all school belongings have been handed in properly

* These are the maximum fees.

** Down Payment
We are experiencing increased demand for places at our school and therefore require a down payment of € 500/family upon acceptance to ensure a place for the school year 2018/2019. Failure to pay the down payment may result in your child being placed on a waiting list. The down payment will be deducted from the school fees invoice.

***Application Fee (non-refundableonly applicable to students newly admitted to the school) 
Application is only final after the application fee has been received by the school. Please upload a copy of your bank transfer with the online application via the website.

Payment, there are 3 options

1.    Payment in one instalment by 15 August 2018, a 4% discount applied (only applicable for        a full year attendance)

2.    In three instalments (divide the invoice total into 3 equal parts)

Payment due date
01 September 2018 1st instalment
01 December 2018 2nd instalment
01 March 2019 3rd instalment

3.    Payment in 10 instalments (divide the invoice total into 10 equal parts)

Payment due date
01 September 2018 1st instalment
01 October 2018 2nd instalment
01 November 2018 3rd instalment
01 December 2018 4th instalment
01 January 2019 5th instalment
01 February 2019 6th instalment
01 March 2019 7th instalment
01 April 2019 8th instalment
01 May 2019 9th instalment
01 June 2019 10th instalment
Moderation/Exam Fees (only applicable to IB MYP 5 students and IB DP 2)
Moderation/Exam fees will, wherever possible, be invoiced at the same time as the school fees.

Deposit (only applicable to Secondary school students newly admitted to the school)
The deposit will be invoiced to the parents of the related students at the same time as the school fees. Fee refunded upon returning all school’s property in good condition at the end of the school career.

Entering policy

In case a student enters after the beginning of the school year, the following percentages apply:
Entering between 1st and end of month: Fee payable:
September 100%
October 90%
November 80%
December 70%
January 60%
February 50%
March 40%
April 30%

Withdrawal policy

To withdraw a student from our school, we require a withdrawal request via email or letter to, to be confirmed at least one month prior to the final school day.
Failure to do so will result in fees continuing to be charged and the deposit fee will not be returned.
In case of withdrawal of the student during the course of the school year, a portion of the school fees will be invoiced based on the following schedule: 
Withdrawal between 1st and end of month: Fee payable:
September  50%
October  50%
November  50%
December  50%
January  60%
February  70%
March  80%
April 90%
May  100%
June/July  100%

Failure of Payment

If payment is not received by the agreed payment term, a courtesy reminder notice will be sent requesting full payment. Should payment not be received within fourteen (14) days of the courtesy reminder we will inform our debt collecting agency. This could lead to legal proceedings against the debtor. Additional costs involved from debt collecting will be charged to the debtor. Until all debts are cleared, participation in lessons may not be permitted and transcripts, certificates and diplomas will be withheld by UWC Maastricht. Condition for re-enrollment is that all fees from pervious school year are settled in full.

UWC Maastricht
IBAN NL09ABNA0586114750

Contact: for any questions related to invoices, payments etc. please contact the Finance department at

Visits in person can only be dealt with upon appointment. 

We regret, it is not possible to pay the school fee at the office neither in cash nor by credit card.

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