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Language Profile Form for Admissions

This form is intended for internal use in the UWCM English Department only. We use it to estimate the entry-level English ability of every new student. Could we kindly ask you to fill it in, independently, to the best of your ability, thank you.

The Year Group you will be entering in to:*

What is/are your home language(s)?

Your “Home language” is the language which you learned from your parents, speak at home, think and dream in.

Have you ever studied at a school where all of the subjects were taught in English?*

Have you ever received formal English Language Learning Support?*

What was the purpose of this support?

Which skills did you develop as part of this English support?

Have you ever obtained any English Language Proficiency certificate for example a Cambridge language proficiency certificate?

What are your feelings about coming to UWC Maastricht? Please tick the relevant emotion.*

How comfortable do you feel about living and learning in English?
Speaking with new friends at school (1 = not comfortable 5 = very comfortable)*

Asking teachers for help (1 = not comfortable 5 = very comfortable)*

Learning about the subjects (Maths, Biology and Chemistry etc.) in English (1 = not comfortable 5 = very comfortable)*

Understanding the teacher’s instructions in English (1 = not comfortable 5 = very comfortable)*

Completing my homework in English (1 = not comfortable 5 = very comfortable)*

Writing tests in English (1 = not comfortable 5 = very comfortable)*

Have you ever studied literature in English?*

Have you studied literature in any other language?*

How well can you? Interpret literary texts?*

How well can you? Express ideas in a structured manner in writing?*

How well can you? Talk about ideas in a structured manner?*

How well can you? Show critical thinking skills?*

Thank you for completing this form. The information provided will be used as part of our recommended level of English language studies at UWC Maastricht.

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