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Kurt Hahn

Health Form

The UWC experience can ask a lot of you both physically and mentally. It is essential for your well-being that full and accurate information is shared with the school in order to prepare for your medical care. Failure to disclose relevant information may result in withdrawal of your position at UWC Maastricht.

The contents of these forms will be kept CONFIDENTIAL and are shared only with the school nurse, the appointed medical physician, and if required, with appropriate staff members.


The vaccinations listed below are recommended for your stay in the Netherlands, but they are not required. Please list any vaccinations you have, as well as the dates received.
Tetanus *

Diphtheria *



Mumps *


MMR Vaccine *

Meningitis C *

Hepatitis A *

Hepatitis B *

Yellow Fever *

Rabies *

Jap B Enc *

Meningitis ACWY *

Typhoid *


Please share all relevant information.
In case there are no details to share please fill in Not applicable/No.

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