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Parent Support Group (PSG)

All parents/guardians of students at UWCM are automatically ordinary members of the PSG.
The members have the right to elect representatives who will serve on the Board of the PSG. Membership in the PSG will end once the child of the parent/guardian has left the school, or at the personal wish of the parent/guardian.

The Parents’ Support Group (PSG), Year Representatives and Board aim to provide a welcoming and socially active community for the families of all students at UWCM (PSG Welcome Guide 2019-2020).

How: This will be achieved through providing a social network for parents/guardians of students at UWCM and by organising and delivering key social events for families throughout the school year. 

This is accomplished via recruitment and involvement of parents into planned activities which may result in some fundraising for UWCM (any monies raised go back into further event planning or in the event of a surplus, to the school). 

If you need further information about how you can get involved please speak to anyone from the
PSG Board, your Year Representative or contact us via


The Details

We can achieve this by the PSG Board being able to;

  • Be a source of expertise in event planning for both Schools.
  • ​To recruit and support parent volunteers to act as Year Representatives.
  • To recruit, advise and guide working groups (parent volunteers) in the implementation of social event planning.
  • To provide a parents’ forum for sharing and integrating useful information across Primary and Secondary Schools (at present via Facebook).
  • Support, facilitate and maintain effective communications between staff and parents in the staff-led work groups.
  • Be responsible for collecting any monies at PSG events (fundraising activities).
  • Be responsible for providing financial transparency to allow parents to see that all monies raised are reinvested in the education of students at the school.

PSG Board* 

  • Chair - Clara Edouard
  • Vice Chair (Primary) - Anuradha Sankpal
  • Vice Chair (Secondary) - Adelya Hershkovich
  • Treasurer - Valerie Wood
  • Secretary - Anne-Sofie Totland
  • Communications - Aude Roeloffs

 * PSG Board Members and Year Representatives’ Role Descriptions
 * PSG Board Members Guidelines