Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
Nelson Mandela

History of UWC

The first college, the United World College of the Atlantic (UWC AC), opened in Wales, U.K. in 1962. It was the response by a number of idealists, many of them senior military people, together with the German Jewish educationalist Kurt Hahn to the misery and carnage they witnessed in World War II.
It was an answer to the concerns and worries developing in the world
of the Cold War and Nuclear escalation.  

History of UWC

Their solution, or at least contribution, was to wage a war for Peace by bringing together young people at a formative period in their lives from different nations, races, cultures, religions, political systems and social classes and to educate them in an environment of understanding and mutual respect. A central part to this was to open their eyes to the personal power they had to be active in service to others.

As the years have passed, others around the world – attracted to this simple idea that education can be a force for peace and a sustainable future – have lent their support to allow for expansion and growth. To date 18 schools and colleges have been founded around the world.

History of UWC Maastricht

UWC Maastricht opened in September 2009 as the 12th member in the family of United World Colleges. Its foundation is the product of the enthusiasm and commitment of UWC Committees in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, many of whom are UWC alumnae. Together with many others throughout The Netherlands, and in particular the Municipality of Maastricht and the Province of Limburg, they are responsible for this exciting project in the heart of Europe. The school was formed to serve the needs of the international community of Maastricht and to provide an education for those students chosen by UWC national committees throughout the world to study and live as residential students at UWC Maastricht.

As such, UWC Maastricht is a completely integrated, multicultural school for students of different educational and socio-economic backgrounds aged 3-18 which operates within the Dutch educational system and is subsidised by the Dutch government.

UWC Maastricht comprises the former International Department of Joppenhof Pre- and Primary School and the International School of Maastricht (Secondary) and serves over 861 students from more than 104 nationalities, 180 of them residential.

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